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Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU Review


We recently had the opportunity to test and review the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU, and we were pleasantly surprised by its performance and features. This compact and powerful air conditioner is designed to cool spaces up to 300 square feet, making it perfect for bedrooms, small living rooms, or offices.

Overview of Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU

The Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU is a 3-in-1 unit that not only provides powerful cooling during hot weather but can also function as a dehumidifier and a fan. It has a 24-hour timer, allowing you to set it to your desired temperature and schedule. With an ASHRAE rating of 9000 BTU, this air conditioner effectively cools the room down to between 62°F and 86°F.

Key Features of the Product

One standout feature of the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU is the “I Sense” function. With a sensor chip inside the remote control, this feature allows the air conditioner to adjust the ambient temperature around the remote control according to your desired temperature. This means you can control the unit from across the room without having to get up.

The portable air conditioner is equipped with universal wheels and built-in handles, making it easy to move around the room or between different spaces. It also features a self-evaporating system, reducing the need for constant drainage operations.

Another notable feature is the removable and reusable air filter, which helps ensure clean and cool air. The included remote control and smart LED panel allow for easy operation and temperature adjustment.


We gathered a variety of reviews from customers who have purchased and used the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU. Overall, the feedback was positive, with many customers praising its cooling capabilities and ease of use.

“I bought this to help combat the Vegas heat. It’s no louder than your typical AC unit, it cooled down everything in a matter of seconds. Best affordable portable AC unit I’ve had by far.” – Verified Customer

“It’s very easy to set up. Does a nice job cooling the space.” – Verified Customer

However, there were a few concerns raised by some customers. One commented, “I didn’t know I would have to drain out the water and it isn’t easy to do.”

Despite these concerns, the majority of customers found this portable air conditioner to be efficient and effective for cooling their rooms.

the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU is a reliable and versatile cooling solution for small to medium-sized spaces. Its powerful performance, convenient features, and ease of use make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking relief from the summer heat.

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Installation and Setup

Included accessories and installation process

When it comes to the installation and setup of the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU, we were pleased to find that it came with everything we needed for a hassle-free installation. The included accessories, such as the installation kit, made it easy to set up the unit without any additional purchases.

Ease of setup and assembly

Setting up the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner was a breeze. With its compact size and user-friendly design, we were able to have it up and running in just 15 minutes. The clear instructions provided were helpful and ensured that we didn’t face any difficulties during the assembly process.

Hose and window cover quality

We were impressed with the quality of the hose and window cover that came with the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner. The hose was sturdy and well-built, allowing for efficient airflow. The window cover provided a tight seal, preventing any hot air from entering the room. It was also compatible with different window types, making it versatile for various setups.

the installation and setup of the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU was a seamless experience. The included accessories, ease of setup, and high-quality hose and window cover contributed to a hassle-free installation process. Our initial impressions of the product were positive, and we were excited to see how it performed in cooling our space.

Performance and Features

Cooling capacity and effectiveness

The Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU is a powerful cooling device that can effectively cool spaces up to 300 sq. ft. With an ASHRAE rating of 9000 BTU, it provides fast and efficient cooling even in hot weather. Users have reported that after a week of use, this compact unit has successfully cooled and freshened their bedrooms, making it a reliable option for personal cooling needs.

Dehumidification and fan functions

In addition to its cooling capabilities, this portable air conditioner also functions as a dehumidifier and fan. It helps to remove excess moisture from the air, creating a more comfortable environment. The fan function allows for air circulation, providing a gentle breeze when cooling is not required.

Noise level and vibration

While some users have mentioned that the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU can be a little noisy, it is important to note that noise levels can vary depending on the user’s sensitivity. However, the convenience of a remote control enables users to easily turn the unit on or off without having to leave their beds.

Power consumption and energy efficiency

The Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It has a 24-hour timer that allows users to set specific operating hours, helping to save energy and reduce power consumption. However, it is worth noting that the drain pan of this unit fills quickly, which may require frequent emptying or the use of a drain hose connected to a large bucket.

Airflow direction and oscillation

This portable air conditioner features a thoughtful design that allows for easy mobility with its universal wheels and built-in handles. It can be conveniently rolled into any room, making it adaptable for different spaces with double-hung or sliding windows. The unit also offers adjustable airflow direction and oscillation, ensuring that cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room.

Ease of control with remote and on-device interface

The Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU comes with a remote control for easy and convenient operation. Users can set and adjust the indoor AC from the comfort of their favorite spot. Additionally, the unit is equipped with a smart LED panel on the device itself, providing an alternative control option.

the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU offers powerful cooling, dehumidification, and fan functions, all packed into a compact and portable unit. While it may have some minor drawbacks such as noise levels and frequent draining, its ease of use, mobility, and energy efficiency make it a valuable addition to any bedroom or room that requires efficient cooling.

Portability and Mobility

Wheels and handles for easy movement

One of the standout features of the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU is its portability and mobility. With universal wheels and built-in handles, this AC unit can be effortlessly rolled into any room or space whenever you need it. Whether you have double-hung or sliding windows, you can easily transport this air conditioner throughout your home without any hassle. This means that you can enjoy the cool air wherever you go, whether it’s in the living room during the day or in the bedroom at night.

Weight and carrying difficulty

While the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU excels in terms of portability, it is worth noting that it is on the heavier side. Carrying it up and down the stairs may pose some challenges due to its weight. However, once you have it set up on the same floor you intend to use it, our air conditioner is a breeze to move around, thanks to its convenient wheels and handles.

Suitability for multi-floor usage

The Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU is suitable for multi-floor usage, but users might find it easier to store and utilize the unit on the same floor they intend to use it. The weight of the air conditioner, combined with the need to carry it up and down the stairs, can be a bit cumbersome. Nevertheless, once it is on the desired floor, you can enjoy the benefits of its powerful cooling capabilities and convenient features.

the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU offers excellent portability and mobility. With its smooth-rolling wheels and sturdy handles, it can be easily transported to different rooms or spaces. Just keep in mind that its weight might make it more suitable for use on the same floor as its storage location. Nonetheless, it remains a convenient and efficient option for cooling your living spaces.

Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU, Cools up to 300 Sq. Ft, 3-in-1 Portable AC Unit with remote, 24H Timer, Floor Air Conditioner with Installation Kit for Bedroom/Room, White.

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Maintenance and Durability

Filter cleaning and replacement

One important aspect of maintaining the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU is regular filter cleaning and replacement. The included removable and reusable air filter ensures that clean cool air circulates in the room, protecting your family from dust and allergens. Cleaning the filter every few weeks is a simple task that ensures optimal performance and enhances the unit’s durability. Additionally, the washable filter can be reused, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and saving you money in the long run.

Condensation and water management

The Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU features a self-evaporating system and a water tank to effectively reduce drainage operations. This means that you won’t have to constantly empty the water tank, making it a convenient and hassle-free option. The thoughtful design also minimizes condensation buildup, ensuring that you can enjoy the cooling benefits without the worry of excessive moisture in the room.

Issues with tanning or discoloration

Some users have reported that the plastic white panel of the unit can become discolored when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods. To maintain the aesthetic appeal of the air conditioner, it is recommended to keep it out of direct sunlight whenever possible.

Potential dust and debris ingress

While the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU is designed to keep dust and debris out with its removable filter and window cover, it is worth noting that some users have experienced minor infiltration through the cracks of the window cover. As a precaution, it is advisable to periodically inspect and clean the unit to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris in the system.

proper maintenance and care are crucial in ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU. By regularly cleaning and replacing the filter, managing condensation and water, protecting against tanning or discoloration, and keeping an eye on potential dust and debris ingress, you can enjoy the full benefits of this portable AC unit for years to come.

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Customer Feedback and Reviews

Positive reviews and experiences

Customers have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU. Many praised its cooling power, compact size, and ease of setup. One reviewer mentioned using it in the scorching summer heat of Las Vegas and found that it cooled down their space within seconds. They even had to turn it off at times because it got so cold.

Another customer highlighted its versatility, mentioning its ability to function as a dehumidifier or fan in addition to being an air conditioner. They found it simple to set up and appreciated its compatibility with different window types. The unit’s low and high fan settings were also noted, with the noise level being described as tolerable.

Furthermore, customers were impressed with the customer service provided by Euhomy. When they had inquiries or issues, the company promptly addressed their concerns and provided satisfactory solutions.

Negative reviews and common complaints

While the majority of customers had positive experiences with the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU, a few mentioned a couple of drawbacks. Some customers commented that they found the unit to be louder than expected. Additionally, a few users voiced concerns about the unit not producing enough cold air.

the negative feedback was minimal, and the positive aspects of the portable air conditioner outweighed any downsides. The Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU has proven to be a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly cooling solution for customers, making it a highly recommended choice.

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Customer Service and Support

Communication and Problem Resolution

At Euhomy, we understand the importance of providing excellent customer service and support to ensure a positive experience with our products. We strive to maintain open lines of communication with our customers and promptly address any concerns or issues that may arise.

We value feedback from our customers, and we sincerely appreciate the reviews and comments we have received regarding the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner 8000 BTU. We understand that each customer’s needs and preferences may vary, and we take each review into account as we continuously work to improve our products and services.

If you encounter any problems with your Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner, our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you. We aim to provide personalized assistance and are committed to resolving any issues you may have in a timely and efficient manner. Our team is here to answer your questions, address any concerns, and ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Personalized Assistance and Dedicated Handling

When it comes to customer support, we believe in going the extra mile. Our team is trained to provide personalized assistance, taking the time to understand your specific needs and guide you through any troubleshooting or operating instructions. We are here to help you make the most of your Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner and ensure that it meets your expectations.

In addition to our personalized assistance, we have implemented a dedicated handling process. This means that when you reach out to us, your inquiry will be assigned to a specific representative who will handle your case from start to finish. This streamlined approach allows us to provide efficient and effective support, ensuring that we address your concerns promptly and professionally.

With Euhomy, you can rely on our commitment to excellent customer service and support. We stand behind the quality and performance of our products, and we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Should you have any questions or need assistance with your Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you 24 hours a day, ready to assist you in any way we can.


How easy is it to set up the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner?

Setting up the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner is incredibly easy. With its installation kit, you don’t even need to remove the window screen, which helps keep bugs out. Just follow the step-by-step instructions provided, and you’ll have it up and running in no time.

Does the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner come with a remote control?

Yes, the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner comes with a convenient remote control. This allows you to easily turn the unit on or off without having to get out of bed or walk across the room.

Is the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner noisy?

Some users have mentioned that the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner can be a little noisy. However, the noise level is subjective and may vary depending on individual preferences.

How often do you need to empty the drain pan?

The drain pan of the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner may fill up quickly, especially if you’re using it in a place other than the basement. To avoid the hassle of frequent emptying, we recommend running the drain hose into a large bucket.

Does the Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner cool effectively?

The Euhomy Portable Air Conditioner is designed to cool spaces up to 300 sq. ft. with its ASHRAE rating of 9000 BTU. While some customers have mentioned that it may not put out a lot of cold air, many still find it helpful in keeping them cool during heat waves.

How is the customer service of Euhomy?

Customers have had positive experiences with Euhomy’s customer service team. One reviewer mentioned a small communication issue initially, but once the problem was understood, Euhomy went above and beyond to make things right. The reviewer appreciated the individual attention, with a specific team member handling their specific issue from start to finish. Overall, Euhomy’s customer service is praised for its responsiveness and dedication to resolving problems promptly.